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Karen Halbert

Following the tradition of the Impressionists of France, Karen Halbert has been steeped in the atmosphere of the artists’ struggle to put dreams to canvas. By an interesting set of circumstances her life has intersected repeatedly with New York artists, and in particular those in the Greenwich Village area. Beginning as a freshman at Washington Square College at NYU, she initially was influenced by abstract artists there. Karen lived in Tribeca, Woodstock and then back in The Village. She now resides in artist-rich Santa Fe. Karen followed a different path to becoming a fine landscape painter. She sees mathematics as a field that underlies many concepts found in the natural world. Her eye is always drawn to similar patterns, forms, lines and curves that are so pronounced in New Mexico. Her goal is to internalize the shapes and patterns in the land, rivers, mountains and myriad elements of the clouds - and to capture that beauty. Karen has shown on Canyon Road for several years and has been widely collected. She was recently featured on the cover of the New Mexico Bar Association Bulletin with her oil painting “Taos Gorge Aglow”.